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Coin number: 63.0009

Object type: Coin

Region: British
Area: North Eastern
Tribe/ Civitas: Corieltavi

Van Arsdell type: 805.07 
Allen type: COR D  

Denomination: Stater
Metal type: Gold
Weight: 5.82 g

Notes: Also classified as British I. Class not definite as area above the horse is off the flan.

Obverse die: 0
Reverse die: 0

Findspot details

Country: ENGLAND
Locality/ Parish: CASTLE DONINGTON
Discovery year: 1932
Discovery method: Unknown

Current location: Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

Hoard name:
Treasure number:
CHIAB number:
Deposition year:

Scientific details

Specific gravity: 0
Gold content: n/a %
Silver content: n/a%
Copper content: n/a%
Tin content: n/a%

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